Author Paul E. Casey Offers Book Free on Kindle — Sept 22-26

80% of private ventures come up short. Why? As per business person and creator of, Is Independent work for You? Paul E. Casey, it is a direct result of some long held myths about what it takes to prevail in independent work.

For instance, we have all heard that we ought to take after our enthusiasm and the cash will take after. Not really, as per Casey. The genuinely effective business visionaries are thinking about their client’s interests and their needs first. There are 7 different myths tended to in the Fuel book.

The book likewise incorporates a pathway for taking a 5-minute independent work test. The higher you score on the test, the higher your prospects for independent company achievement. You can take the test by going to:

“Paul E. Casey presents, a straightforward prologue to the requests of independent work that offers a demonstrative the peruser can use to observe whether he or she has the identity and personality to working for oneself. From how independent work will influence one’s close to home life to benefiting from one’s involvement and qualities” … “Is Independent work for You? is sufficiently general to apply to any future business visionary however offers exhortation that is spot on the nose in light of the day by day substances. Very suggested early on perusing for anybody thinking about beginning their own business.” ~ Midwest Book Survey

Casey stated, “I couldn’t have said it any better myself.”

Maribel Bauer

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