Jeffrey H. Konis Explores the Life of His Grandmother, a Holocaust Survivor, and Highlights the Importance of Family History in New Novel

Creator Jeffrey H. Konis reported today that his most recent work, The Discussions We Never Had, is currently accessible available to be purchased on Encourage.

The Discussions We Never Had tells the story of a grandson who had underestimated his grandma, however didn’t understand it until it was past the point of no return. It is a diary/verifiable fiction novel that depends on Konis’ association with his grandma.

“My dad remembers nothing about his genuine guardians. They were dead when he was nine. Olga, his mom’s more youthful sister, survived the Holocaust, as well as could discover my dad at his concealing spot – a homestead in Poland – and later conveyed him to America to raise as her own. In all that time, he never got some information about his folks,” says Jeffrey. “A long time later, I moved in with Olga for a timeframe, yet I permitted history to rehash itself – a great error – and neglected to ask her similar inquiries my dad avoided.?Olga has been away for over a quarter century, with all that she could have told me.?I am left with a feeling of blame and significant lament, wishing so seriously that?I could do a reversal and have another opportunity to become more acquainted with her better and take in more about my family from?the just individual on the planet who knew them and recalled that them.”?

The Discussions We Never Had?is an annal of Jeffrey’s chance gone through with his Grandmother “Ola” and an envisioning of the stories she may have shared had he just set aside the opportunity to ask the questions.?It is an inspiring story that will abandon you enthusiastic to invest energy with your family and take in more about them before it’s past the point of no return.

To take in more or to peruse a selection from the book, go to never-had-jeffrey-konis/

Konis as of now dwells in Goshen, New York with his significant other, Pamela, and children, Alexander and Marc. He adores perusing, gathering artistic work photography, soccer – particularly Liverpool F.C. – travel, and his family the vast majority of all.

For additional data, to ask for a survey duplicate, or to set up a meeting or appearance by Jeffrey H. Konis, please contact Kelsey McBride at?Book Reputation Services?at? 805.807.9027.

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