Award Winning Author Dana Lyons Announces Epic Paranormal Thriller Novel, ‘The Rosetta Coin’

Grant winning creator Dana Lyons has declared a current epic paranormal thriller discharge, ‘The Rosetta Coin’.

Dana Lyons makes stories nobody else could compose. Her books include resurrected significant others, time traveling souls, and an epic fight against old powers and outsider strengths. Every last bit of her books are quick paced, connecting with and edifying, written in contemporary time with present day components and additionally scenes from the old past. She takes her perusers to universes both antiquated and contemporary for experiences of the heart, brain, and soul.

This paranormal thriller, ‘The Rosetta Coin’ spins around an antiquity many have kicked the bucket for, prompting an experience that could change the world.

In the heart of London’s first class social scene, Madelyn Fox has acquired an antiquated relic that could change humankind’s perspective of science, religion and humanity. In the event that she imparts her disclosure to the wrong individual, she chances joining the individuals who have kicked the bucket regarding the coin.

For quite a long time, the full abundance of the St. Germain family has been behind the insurance of a mystery so huge, so effective, not even Solomon St. Germain knows the degree of it. Nicholas Alexander Carter, a relative of the world’s most well known Egyptologist, likewise has an uncommon bit of this archeological confound.

Cruelly followed by a startling old adversary, the three join in a white-knuckle pursue through dirty roads, marble domains and underground bastions as their fortune trove of information faces an unstable divulgence – or obliteration.

“THE ROSETTA COIN is composed from the heart…a heart loaded with expectation and confidence a superior day anticipates humankind,” Dana expressed. “Beside the enterprise and revelation in The Rosetta Coin, what’s critical is the uplifting message I investigate. In my heart I imagine a human potential for something better, something past the wars and disorder and control that is by all accounts our present human objective. Deserting this legacy and setting up another one is the huge truth behind The Rosetta Coin.”

Dana Lyons’ books have gotten rave audits posted on line. One about The Rosetta Coin stated, ” I cherished the innovative assortment and intriguing element of the elegantly composed characters. The hidden message was one that implied at the more noteworthy conceivable outcomes of our human potential and it cleared out me mulling over our secretive presence. A large portion of all, The Rosetta Coin left me foreseeing the up and coming spin-off.

Another stated, “When I lifted it up, I was cleared into a different universe of riddle, interest, and expectation. The fast character advancement and story line left me not able to put it down.”

Dana has been named as a finalist in the 2016 ’50 Awesome Journalists You Ought to Peruse’ Book Grants. Her distinctions came accordingly of her appearance on The Creators Appear. She was picked as one of the best from a substantial number of creators through an open voting process. She was beforehand a victor in the 2015 ’50 Awesome Journalists You Ought to Peruse’ Grants.

Her collection of work likewise incorporates:

‘The Street to Babylon’, a paranormal thriller rotating around a power so mystery, even its owner had been uninformed and a prediction so antiquated, the world had long overlooked it.

‘An Adoration Reawakened’, a cutting edge story of old love, enchantment and selling out.

‘Heart Of The Druae’, a time travel sentiment including an adoration that scaffolds the past and what’s to come.

Dana Lyons is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at The greater part of Dana’s books are accessible at Amazon and other online retail outlets. Individuals from the general population who might want to vote in favor of her entrance in the 2016 ’50 Incredible Journalists You Ought to Peruse’ Honors can cast their votes at The Creators Demonstrate site at More data is accessible at her site at

Dana Lyons lives with her better half and felines in the mountains of western North Carolina. She has been composing since 2002.

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