Award Winning Author Christina M. Pages Announces Release Of Children’s Book, ‘Lucy In Her Secret Wood’ (A Story Inspired By Wordsworth’s Wild Child, Lucy Gray)

Grant winning writer Christina Pages has declared the arrival of ‘Lucy in Her Mystery Wood’ – Book 1 of the Lucy Arrangement. The book addresses various issues confronted by youngsters today, among them the departure of an association with nature and tormenting.

Online networking and innovation have affected youngsters in various courses, some of them unforeseen. One essential part of the pattern toward innovation is that numerous youngsters have put some distance between their regular habitat. The association with nature is a subject not for the most part found in kids’ writing. Pages figures out how to weave a story that consistently exhibits the excellence of the common world and the association with The unstoppable force of life with another subject that adversely impacts youth – harassing.

In the storyline of the book, Lucy’s progression father takes her from the small room where he has bolted her away for a considerable length of time, and drives her out to a remote wood where he abandons her with a sack of nourishment, and her exclusive deep rooted friend, a stuffed bunny. At the point when Lucy’s dread of her stepfather fades away with his strides, and her minor room world opens up to trees and bluebells, she is in wonder of the shapes and hues around her. She perceives her loved ones in the sentinels of trees, the forest life and didn’t really feels lost and alone. She felt more lost inside dividers, isolated from open air life. Lucy needs just a couple days in the forested areas to understand this is her actual home. Through 9-year old Will, who brings her sustenance, two live chickens, and a recorder to duplicate forest music, she encounters her first human fellowship, and an approach to make music that captivates all who hear it.

She is currently some portion of the mysterious universe of forest creatures, flying creatures and butterflies, not bolted far from it. Through Lucy, kids remember they are more “alive” when encompassed by the sounds, hues, and music of outside. The universe of their PC and telephone screens is dependably ‘on the opposite side,’ at a separation from them.

“Quite a while back, when I played in the forested areas and fields, I envisioned I was part-kid and part-bloom, part-tree, or in a piece of turf. I was in everything, and everything was in me,” Pages expressed. “Excellent adolescence recollections like these add to our innovativeness and feeling of self as we develop. Today, when we are topping off our planet with urban areas, chopping down trees, constraining creatures out of their territories, when numerous youngsters are ‘stopped away’ from open air life, there is nothing more critical than giving them a feeling of having a place with nature. At the point when Lucy strolls through the forested areas, investigates the deer’s eyes, hears the fowls singing, she realizes that everything around her is family – a family to be careful, and never take off. This is the “family” we as a whole should ensure today.”

‘Lucy in Her Mystery Wood’ has gotten high acclaim from perusers and commentators. The book got the Scholarly Works of art Seal of Endorsement. It was granted the Apex Book Accomplishment Grant and took a Silver Decoration in Perusers’ Most loved Honors. In their audit, Kids’ Abstract Works of art expressed, “You know the kind of book that is so retaining, so altogether captivating, you wish it could never end? – The kind of book that makes them cry toward the complete on the grounds that it’s over? That is the thing that we encountered as we read ‘Lucy in Her Mystery Wood””.

Christina Pages is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at ‘Lucy in Her Mystery Wood’ is accessible at most book outlets. More data is accessible at her site at

Christina M. Pages, Ph.D., experienced childhood in the fields of Britain, investing hours meandering the wide open. In America, she brought up four youngsters while contemplating for her Ph.D. She was the California State Verse Society’s Champ in 2005, won a production grant for ‘Shadow Words’ (2006) distributed her verse gathering, ‘Recollect Not to Overlook’, in 2013, and her youngsters’ novel, ‘Lucy in Her Mystery Wood’ in 2016. Pages has shown writing in Colleges and schools since 1987. Her written work, painting, piano playing, and cultivating, all originate from her adoration for nature as a tyke. “Nature is our closest companion,” she says, “calmly holding up to nourish our creative energy and soul.”

Book 2 of the Lucy Arrangement – ‘The Forest Enterprises of Lucy and Will’ is finished, and will be distributed by Waldorf Distributing in 2018.

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