Atameo Turns Your Photos Into Travel Memories

Individuals have dependably recounted the stories of their undertakings. Be it in books, letters or around the pit fire. Today, voyaging is a standout amongst the most shared life-occasions via web-based networking media. Berlin-based startup Atameo has propelled a stage to turn your travel photographs and the spots you went by into delightful and individual travel recollections.

Voyaging is something greatly individual and in the meantime it is something individuals love to impart to their family and friends and family. Be that as it may, monitoring your excursions is a considerable measure of work. A great many people never get around to composing diaries or printing photograph books. Some have a guide with pins on their divider or a tin-box with an accumulation of pictures and memories.�

“We have a tendency to have our travel recollections lying around everywhere” says Atameo’s Prime supporter Henning Lueke. “Atameo is a place where everything meets up.” Explorers can include their photographs, recordings, music, cites, individuals they’ve met, places they have gone to and anything that makes their trek extraordinary.�

It’s a thought that came to fruition in the most remote place on earth. Sitting in a little plane over the Australian leave, scouting rough terrain tracks for an extensive Land Wanderer undertaking, Lueke utilized 4 distinctive applications to record places, photographs, thoughts and courses. He had the thought to consolidate these elements and construct a framework to naturally record information about your trek. Together with Prime supporter Christopher Speer they began creating models to perceive how far they could take the thought.

Later on Atameo arrangements to additionally mechanize the outing recording, to permit voyagers to completely drench into their encounters without focusing on recording everything. The thought is to make it as straightforward as conceivable to produce excellent travel recollections. The youthful organization likewise needs to permit voyagers to utilize trips from different clients as a premise to arrange their own particular enterprises.

Through its web-application on explorers can likewise include their past enterprises and begin fabricating their online travel portfolio. Atameo has just as of late propelled its iPhone and Android application to log stumbles in a hurry.

Maribel Bauer

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