LiberCloud Expands its Blended Learning Support with Unique Real-time Collaboration Capabilities

LiberCloud is a cloud-based stage that gives teachers, mentors and instructors more control and adaptability by giving a firm and streamlined involvement amongst educators and learners.

Mixed learning has turned into the new pattern in training which is as it should be. It works. It works in classrooms, in universities, and inside the corporate dividers since it gives understudies more chances to learn better and it gives instructors more adaptability to utilize the media and conveyance techniques that best suit their classroom or point.

LiberCloud has been at the main edge of this pattern and today we’re declaring another ability that further amplifies our authority in giving novel and down to earth answers for instructors grasping mixed learning strategies.

While LiberCloud as of now backings layered ongoing co-creating abilities, it now adds the Virtual Whiteboard to the coordinated effort stage. We finished beta testing and the new element is presently accessible to all clients as an extra component.

“This is another progression to at last accomplish our central goal of making educators and teachers more powerful and helping understudies learn better”, said Felice Curcelli, President and Prime supporter of LiberCloud. “Understudies will love the new capacity as it permits each understudy to take part in the learning procedure all the more effectively, and docents will love it too in light of the fact that makes it such a great amount of simpler to arrange numerous workgroups in the sorted out disorder of the present day classroom.”

The Virtual Whiteboard idea is in essence not new; what’s new is LiberCloud’s usage with two essential separating benefits.

As an educator or teacher training and driving a classroom in adapting new themes you isolate the class into workgroups to make a more favorable community oriented environment that better suits the blend of understudies you have in the classrooms. With pioneers and devotees, vocal understudies and more meek ones, little workgroups simply work better. LiberCloud’s new Virtual Whiteboard execution suits this specific situation extremely well, where you as a teacher can go behind the scene and watch the different workgroups team up on how they extend an imaginative thought or take care of an issue together utilizing the regular habitat of LiberCloud Canvas. You can even mediate in the event that you feel like a workgroup is going down the wrong way or make a recommendation on the best way to get a workgroup unstuck. This is an incredible help as well as makes you more successful.

The second advantage got from LiberCloud’s approach is that workgroup meetings to generate new ideas can be recorded and spared. Consequently they can then be utilized as substance for resulting workgroup sessions or for other related learning content.

About LiberCloud

LiberCloud helps gaining associations break free from the limitations of conventional preparing innovation, with a stage that gives an intense approach to preparing creators and teachers to cooperatively make and convey drawing in mixed learning content.

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