From Heart Attack to Marathon Runner: Weight Loss Success

Marathon runner Tim Morgan wasn’t generally the photo of wellbeing and physicality. A year ago right now, the member in the 2016 BMW Dallas Marathon was confronting down the genuine prospect of his own mortality. Just 50, he’d endured one weight related heart assault and was in peril of a moment. After his fifth stretch was put to keep that heart assault, Tim chose to address his weight through bariatric surgery.

The outcomes have been sensational.

At the point when Tim first went to the Nicholson Center for Weight reduction Surgery looking for help to change the course of his life, his prospects were dismal. He was more than 300 pounds, had sort 2 diabetes, high triglycerides, rest apnea and knees and joints that hurt with each progression.

“I was extremely undesirable,” Tim clarifies.

Tim worked with Nicholson Facility specialists and chose to experience surgery in April 2016. While Tim’s weight reduction from that point forward has been extraordinary, more than 100 pounds off up until this point, it’s the adjustments throughout his life that have been generally amazing.

“I ran my initial 5K in July and have been running and preparing for a marathon,” he says. “I never thought I would be here.”

Inquire about has demonstrated that bariatric surgery addresses genuine weight-related worries, as well as enhances and even turn around heftiness related conditions.

“Ponders have demonstrated that bariatric surgery can give a viable intends to treat hypertension, diabetes, and numerous different conditions while bringing down dangers for coronary illness, heftiness related malignancies and different genuine sicknesses,” clarifies Dr. Scratch Nicholson, originator and lead specialist at the Nicholson Facility for Weight reduction Surgery. “Stories like Tim’s, in any case, demonstrate the groundbreaking advantages getting more fit can have.”

The Nicholson Center spends significant time in helping patients address their weight reduction concerns while offering help at all times. To take in more about the Nicholson Center, its areas and the weight reduction administrations it gives, visit it online at

Established by Dr. Scratch Nicholson, one of the nation’s driving weight reduction specialists and co-creator of “Weight reduction Surgery: The Genuine Thin,” the Nicholson Center for Weight reduction Surgery offers an assortment of alternatives to help patients put on control of their weight and their lives.

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