Maria Luisa Fulgueira Honored for Excellence in Business Administration

Maria Luisa Fulgueira, Proprietor and CEO of Daltosur S.R.L. has been perceived for demonstrating commitment, authority and magnificence in business organization.

Ms. Fulgueira has 49 years of expert experience, with six years as the proprietor and Chief of Daltosur S.R.L. All through her profession, she has separate herself as a specialist in business era and administration, business back and organization, and public expo organizing. Every day, she is in charge of supervising the day by day elements of the organization and giving worth based administrations and arrangements fitting to the customers’ particular commercial centers. She additionally coordinates deals and advertising activities, while going to exchange shows to advance the organization and system with different experts and also contact new providers.

In 1976, Ms. Fulgueira, turned into the main female CEO of a multinational organization situated in Bolivia. In 1990, she achieved the same in Argentina, and in 1995, she turned into the main Latin American female chief of a multinational organization.

Thinking back, Ms. Fulgueira credits her prosperity to her determination and the energy she has for her work. She likewise attributes her endeavors to learn consistently. She got to be distinctly required in her calling subsequent to resigning from a 40-year vocation as a corporate administrator. She perceived an open door, and utilized her expertise set and years of experience to establish Daltosur S.R.L.

Ms. Fulgueira got a MBA from the College of Sao Paulo, and she is a Confirmed Open Bookkeeper. She keeps up association with nearby sections of the Worldwide Alliance of Social orders of Restorative Scientists, and she is the president and originator of the Argentine Gathering for Official Ladies. Ms. Fulgueira likewise serves as the president of the Business visionaries Compel and an individual from Voces Vitales Argentina and the Global Ladies’ Discussion. In acknowledgment of her diligent work and commitment, she was named as a Business visionary of the Year in 2004, and she has been recorded in “Who Are They, How They Arrived, and How They Live, The Most Imperative Ladies in Argentina.” Ms. Fulgueira is one of 100 Argentinian pioneers distributed by Apertura Magazine, which is what might as well be called an American production like “Forbes.” In years to come, Ms. Fulgueira would like to make Daltosur S.R.L. the main compound dissemination organization in all of Latin America. She likewise plans to serve as a guide to others, and keep becoming both by and by and professionally.

Daltosur S.R.L. is a circulation organization that gives import substance items to organizations in the makeup, medicinal services and family unit mind ventures, and in addition crude materials including silicone, emulsifiers, colors, and dynamic fixings, for example, hostile to maturing and against cellulite utilized as a part of various treatment items. For more data about Daltosur S.R.L., visit

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