BroadNet Technologies – Join us at Wholesale World Congress 2016 in Madrid, Spain

On September fourteenth and fifteenth 2016, a standout amongst the most anticipated occasions – Discount World Congress (WWC)- – for telecoms specialist co-ops is booked to happen in Madrid, Spain. The WWC occasion 2016 is relied upon to be a monstrous accomplishment; all things considered, it is the center point of the business’ telecoms specialist organizations from everywhere throughout the world. BroadNet Advancements, which is among the main telecoms specialist co-ops is good to go for going to the Occasion.

WWC is the correct occasion for the group of telecoms experts where they get the chance to connect with the associates of the business face to face and talk about the business items/benefits in an exceptionally agreeable environment. This occasion is instrumental in creating business openings and improving the business joins. The members of WWC 2016 will be VoIP suppliers, SMS showcasing specialists, Remote administrations suppliers, Satellite administrations providers, Information administrations et cetera. The occasion themes are identified with media transmission administrations and help members to get creative thoughts, convey powerful arrangements and execute hard-hitting arranges.

We at BroadNet Innovations are again all set for going to the WWC Occasion 2016 with our whole group as we go to it not interestingly. Being one of the respected members of WWC Occasion, we are very much aware how this occasion can be a defining moment for our organization’s advancement. Truth be told, we have the best chance to examine our fluctuated Telecoms administrations, for example, Mass SMS, SMS Portal, A2P SMS, SMS Promoting, and HLR Query, we offer including the turning points we have come to with different members. We figure Entire World Congress will help us investigate an assortment of new open doors for our business improvement and help us win more power and cachet”, said Rabih Farah, President and author of BroadNet Advances.

BroadNet Innovations trusts that the occasion will be a fantastic accomplishment for each member who has an enthusiastic aspiration to succeed.

On the off chance that you spend significant time in Telecoms benefits and are hoping to grow the business openings powerfully, book a meeting with us for WWC Occasion 2016 and see with your own eyes how productively we demonstrate a resource for you.

Initiated in 2003, BroadNet is a perceived and a trustworthy Organization offering an assortment of media transmission administrations, for example, HLR, SMSC, A2P, and OTP Confirmation and an assortment of other IT administrations, for example, Versatile application advancement, Application Store Improvement and Site design improvement under one rooftop for its worldwide customers. The Organization likewise offers far reaching and financially savvy e-promoting arrangements with the view to associating organizations with the proposed focused on gatherings of people.

To plan a meeting with us in the Occasion, please email to us at

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