Group of Sleep Deprived Millennial Entrepreneurs Create Simply Awesome – Magnetic Anywhere Phone Mount

There is nothing awkward about the little contraption as of late presented on Kickstarter (, made by a gathering of youthful, restless tech business people, looking for an approach to disentangle their lives and that of their families and companions. Planning to spare cash, time and irritation, on telephone mounts that honestly chipped away at a few surfaces yet more regularly not on all, the gathering, drove by Hong Wang contemplated the question – “How would we improve a mouse trap?”

ClutchIt was their answer. A patent-pending, without hands telephone holder, mount, and stand, that chips away at any surface, with the utilization of a simple to apply, removable glue film and minor metal plates that change over each surface into a ClutchIt amicable one. This simple to convey telephone mount is made of a similar astounding aluminum material utilized as a part of iPhones. The straightforward plan utilizes twofold confronted magnets with two swiveling appendages in the inside, giving mind blowing degrees of adaptability.

Consider it, you can now position your telephone anyplace you require it, on the grounds that ClutchIt goes with you and can acclimate to surface contrasts. For drivers, that implies having the alternative to put the telephone in the most advantageous and most secure place where it won’t hinder view or cause issues while driving. Moreover, the simple to apply and removable cement film deserts no buildup. Too, the metal plates and the gadget itself are exceptionally design forward, coming in five distinct hues to match individual taste – or to coordinate the new iPhone 7 shading line-up.

With the Christmas season close nearby, ClutchIt make the ideal present for anybody, anyplace!

Hong Wang and the ClutchIt group are taking a shot at a whole line of items to help uncomplicate our every day lives, ClutchIt is the first in the arrangement.

For more data and to vow go to ClutchIt’s Kickstarter Battle and get to be distinctly one of the general population that puts up this convenient little contraption for sale to the public –

Maribel Bauer

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