Gone To The Spirits Set to Be Released

Widely praised Vancouver BC craftsman, Norine Braun, is set to discharge her tenth collection, Gone To The Spirits on June 4, 2016 by means of Braun and Brains Music. The idea collection was recorded and blended with maker Adam Popowitz at Back Window Tune and Sound. The session players include: the Juno named Adam Popowitz on bass and lead guitar, Elliot Polsky on drums, Huggybear Leonard on blues harp, Alice Fraser on keys and accordion, Malcolm Aiken on trumpet and flugelhorn with Norine Braun on musicality guitar, ukulele, Navajo woodwind and vocals.

The idea collection is birthed from the Ququnak Pa#kiy Melody Accumulation that Braun composed from a Canada Committee For Expressions of the human experience Honor a year ago. The tunes depend on the connecting with and emotional biography of a Two Soul, Ktunaxa warrior lady, messenger and guide, who lived in the mid nineteenth century. Gone-To-The-Spirits was the skilled prophet and fulfilled warrior who showed up in the diaries of trappers and adventurers and was noted as having transitioned sex furthermore turned into a boss.

Braun’s irrepressible enthusiasm to make music with no forced limits makes this work difficult to classify. Before all else, the frightful and ethereal Morning Supplication entrances with encompassing climb toward the sky. All through the collection’s rich surfaces of common pop, jazz and blues, the audience is transported among marvelous ice fields, rootsy coyote gulches, loud tempests toward deep triumph and a great shake change. One enters a sonic adventure in this collection, to some other time where Gone To The Spirits story envelops. A short story Ququnak Pa#kiy likewise composed by Norine Braun goes with the collection read so anyone might hear by the writer.

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Maribel Bauer

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