Meyerfeld Lewin Announces the Launch of the New CFD Platform – CFD/TRADE

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CFD/TRADE offers everything retail traders expect from a trading platform; speed, stability, multiple order types and a wide range of markets


Meyerfeld Lewin, a Premier Trading and Clearing Broker in the Asia Pacific that has trading memberships with major exchanges throughout the world, announces the launch of its new CFD platform: CFD/TRADE.
CFD/TRADE offers access to hundreds of forex, commodity and index markets, all with permanently fixed spreads and instant trade execution at the screen price, delivering absolute price certainty for traders in all market conditions.
Trading platform highlights:
Hundreds of FX, index and commodity markets
Tight fixed spreads on all markets, at all times
Innovative tools facilitate technical trading and strategy building
CFD/TRADE also features innovative, easy to use tools such as Market Mechanics, which revolutionizes technical trading by helping traders find new opportunities without any charting expertise; and a drag-and-drop Strategy Architect to develop sophisticated trading strategies with no coding required.
“CFD/TRADE represents a new approach that helps traders who want improved access to the trading opportunities of a wide range of global markets. This launch is an exciting first step in a program to deliver a world-class FX and CFD trading experience that will include multiple new asset classes, unique ways to trade these markets, and innovative ways to engage with the wider trading community through social and community tools,” said Julian Tang, Managing Director Currencies, Meyerfeld Lewin.
Albert Fung, Chief Strategy Officer, added “CFD/TRADE is all about bringing competitive, transparent pricing together with innovative tools and information that will help clients identify new trading opportunities. We believe that what retail traders want is certainty and transparency, so that’s exactly what CFD/TRADE offers – permanently fixed spreads with no small print.”

About Meyerfeld Lewin

Meyerfeld Lewin is a Premier Trading and Clearing Broker in the Asia Pacific Region. Our memberships with major exchanges throughout the world complements our current brokerage capabilities to cater to the diverse trading needs of our clients, regardless of retail, high-net-worth, corporate, institutional, proprietary, hedge funds or high-frequency traders. Meyerfeld Lewin provides trading access for a comprehensive suite of products including Commodities, Futures and Options Bullion, Over-the-counter (OTC) Derivatives and Leveraged Foreign Exchange on all major exchanges in the world. The company also provides professional traders with a trading arcade equipped with state-of-the-art technology, fast, stable and low latency connectivity through leased lines to global exchanges.

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