Mark Elie Klein, a Belgian Billionaire Congratulates his Friend and Business Partner, President-Elect Donald J. Trump

;  BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 19, 2016 – President Donald Trump speaks to an open door for the Assembled States and for the world. This is a man who has prevailing at all that he has done in his profession, and who will reestablish lost significance to the USA and to the American dream.

President Donald Trump will coexist well with his partner Vladimir Putin. Putin has hardened his control over Russia, and any individual who has viewed the chess coordinate over Syria and NSA spills has an unmistakable thought of the moving of individual power progression towards Putin on the universal scene. Putin has worked his way up through the positions and assembled his alluring interest on what gives off an impression of being a straightforward recipe: staying faithful to his commitments.

The Russian individuals looked for a pioneer ready to reestablish their respect and make their nation incredible once more; he has prevailing with regards to building up a vertical power structure and manufacturing an overwhelming position on the mainland.

The Russian individuals requested retribution after the fear monger assaults; he allotted discipline.

The Russian individuals brought for control over their own monetary advantages; he re-built up the state’s grasp on oil, gas and other vital segments.

The Russian individuals needed the nation to recapture its status as an incredible power; he has demonstrated that he takes lessons from nobody.

All transactions rely on upon a place of quality. This position is possessed by Putin. Recreation of the Russian domain has been completely approved.

Most Europeans I have addressed might want to see Europe having its own particular rendition of Putin.

With the landing of President Donald Trump, these two uncommon men will be the Leaders of an evolving world.

For a long time, my accomplices and I have been attempting to build up another “SKY & Ocean” idea: a ‘people to come’ building, initiated by forefront innovation as far as biology, economy, engineering, plan and materials.

Eiffel manufactured the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Freedom in New York, et cetera.

We will soon be declaring to the media that development has started on our “SKY & SEE” building.

This idea will be introduced to President Putin with a view to offering him the main working of its kind on the planet, with regards to the significance of his nation, including a gallery representing the history and culture of Russia. The site could get an expected seven million guests for every year, proportionate to the numbers going by the Eiffel Tower. President Putin will surely be charmed by this advancement, which could be named in his respect.

Thus, the race of President Trump has motivated me to display a venture to him which will likewise stamp his Administration. As a noteworthy property magnate, he will absolutely value our mastery, and we will propose to him that we propel this idea together.

Taking everything into account, the year 2017 will be set apart by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, as Leaders of a world they will change together.

Come and visit my site, criticizing specifically the shameful acts executed by French lawmakers towards President Putin, who is acting the hero of frail Europe in the Center East clash.

Quit censuring President Trump, who has recently been chosen, when you don’t know his program. The voice of the general population must be regarded.

I have taken after the way of Gerard Depardieu, the same number of others have done, and given back my French international ID. The main reason I have not moved to Moscow is on the grounds that the climate is excessively icy…

Each one of the individuals who share my thoughts will locate a warm welcome and extraordinary cordiality at my first “KEY Inns & RESORTS” in the Dominican Republic.

Permit me to accentuate at the end of the day my support for Presidents Trump and Putin, who will without a doubt cooperate to change our declining world.

Stamp Elie Klein

Maribel Bauer

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